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"Party Crashing," 2022

acrylic on wood

at the Pediatric Urology Practice, Montefiore

Medical Center, Bronx, New York City




"Happy World," 2019

acrylic on wood

at newly built Barack H. Obama Magnet University School, New Haven, CT




“Magic Carpet,” 2019

Print on adhesive vinyl, 16 x 40 feet

at Bliss Plaza,  Queens, New York City

The DOT (Department Of Transportation) Art


Wall Drawing, 2017 at Vermont StudioCenter



 "Have A Happy Day," 2015, Glass Mosaic, New York City MTA Arts for Transit, Buhre Ave. Station, Pelham 6 Line








Acrylic on Plexiglas, 2015, 16 x 24 in.













1990-1995 in France





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